Pinhole Photography

I've been doing pinhole photography since the summer of zip -- which is to say, 2000. Please enjoy the following collections:

In addition to viewing my photos, you may be interested in reading a description of my camera, including construction and handling tips, should you wish to make your own.

A note on my philosophy of pinhole photography: There is little point in using a pinhole camera to take the sort of pictures you can take with an ordinary lensed camera. You'll never get the same image quality. A pinhole image should therefore utilize one or more of the unique features of pinhole imaging. The two most obvious of these are an essentially infinite depth of field and long exposure times. Having an infinite depth of field means that, while the image may be blurrier than can be achieved with a lens, everything in the picture is in equal "focus", no matter how near or far (except in the limit of extreme closeness); so it is possible to contrast objects of vastly different scales and distances in the same shot. Long exposure times means it is possible to capture action in a uniquely blurry and ghostly way.

Photographs on this site are Copyright ©2000-2003 Jesse Welton.

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