A Little Pinhole Self-Portraiture

Where's Jesse? I love this picture. It looks to me like an impressionistic pastel of a tropical beach. It's actually just the bus stop, where I opened the shutter while making a 360° twirl. I wish I could have managed to keep myself more steady in the frame, but what are you going to do? Incidentally, people often don't see any similarity to me in this picture. On different occasions I've been told I look like an old woman, or an alien. You be the judge.
These next few are from Origins 2002. I'd like to note that I tend to show up more crisply than other people in these photos. All I've got to say about that is that sitting still is just a matter of focus.
Also, note that I actually work the shutter manually, myself, when taking all of these. The exposure times are long enough that in many cases, you simply cannot see the ghosting from that movement, even reaching all the way across the table.
Well, OK, there's noticeable ghosting in this one, but I actually walked around the table for this. Didn't want to risk crashing the Icehouse pieces!
Quite apart from the horrible thumbal giantosis in this picture, I didn't get quite the "zooming" effect I was going for, but I still think it's kind of interesting.
This is an attempt to emulate an illustration from Playing with Pyramids. Alison once commented to me that I'm not smiling in most of these pictures. Well, it's hard to hold a posed smile still for that long, and I think the result looks pretty unnatural and goofy on me, anyways. Here's an example.
This is another one that I really particularly like. Nice colors, nices shapes, nice angle, really interesting edge-ghosting, and a flattering picture to boot. Yummy!
Ooh, something different: A half-profile. Wild!
The world turns 1/8 around me.