Origins 2000

These pinhole photos were taken at Origins 2000. There are not as many as I would have liked, due to camera jams and the like requiring me to spend much time reloading film in the dark on the stairs to the balcony of the anime theater. At least one photo was lost due to film being misaligned between one load and the next. Lesson: Be sure to double-check alignment of camera components every time before committing film.

A warm-up game of Icehouse. Doubles with Nick. ~30s exposure. (The picture was cut off in printing because of the negative alignment problem mentioned above. At least the negative is in tact, which is more than I can say for the first shot, which was of Colossal Martian Chess.)
Martian Chess. 20s exposure.
Martian Chess from another angle, with unused pieces in foreground. Rather a nice picture. 20s exposure.
Ice Towers Begins. 30s exposure.
Ice Towers progresses. 40s exposure.
More Ice Towers. 50-60s exposure. This and the previous picture capture the middle game of Ice Towers nicely: Consideration of options, interspersed with furious play to carry out one's plan.
RAMbots. ~60s exposure.
RAMbots. 60s exposure. One of my favorites.
RAMbots instruction stack. "Must hit that beacon!" ~60s exposure. (If you must know, I missed.)