Origins 2001

These pinhole photos were taken at Origins 2001. This year things went much more smoothly than last year, which I attribute to a better, non-jamming plastic shutter, and to loading the camera more carefully in advance. The one thing most lacking this year was a watch to time the exposures more precisely. Fortunately, an approximate count works quite nicely.

IceTowers final. Very near the end of the championship game. ~30s exposure.
Shiny stones laid out on a Martian Chess board. Mmmm, pretty. ~30s exposure.
Gargantuan Icehouse. People scoring the game hardly show up at all. ~30s exposure.
More Gargantuan Icehouse. The start of a new game. ~30s exposure.
And some more. This time as seen from above. ~30s exposure.
Still more. Things look very much the same from the other side of the balcony. ~30s exposure.
Descending the escalator. ~15s exposure.
Zendo final. ~45s exposure.
Zendo final, from a different angle behind the stockpile of stones. The new champion stands ghostly and triumphant in the background. ~30s exposure.
Andy with his Origins Awards. Oops, the camera angle was bad. (And get out of the picture, Nick!) ~30s exposure.
Andy with his Origins Awards. Now that's more like it! ~40s exposure.
Cool Icehouse pieces. ~40s exposure.
More of the cool Icehouse pieces. ~40s exposure.
And again with the cool Icehouse pieces. ~30s exposure.
Gnostica final. ~32s exposure.
Icehouse Ice-Offs game 1. ~30s exposure.
Ice-Offs game 2. ~30s exposure.
Ice-Offs game 3. Unfortunately, those gorgeous purple xyloids don't show up that clearly. ~37s exposure.
Ice-Offs game 4. Just a cute spot off in one corner. ~40s exposure.