Origins 2003

These pinhole photos were taken at Origins 2003, Looney Labs Big Experiment #4. The negatives got all scratched up on this batch, so I guess I won't be taking my film back there.

Zarcana. ~60s exposure.
Ice Towers begins. ~53s exposure.
To be a pyramid. ~50s exposure.
Ice Towers begins again. ~60s exposure.
Ice Towers continues. ~50s exposure.
Ice Towers finals. ~40s exposure.
#59/100. One of the First 100 Icehouse sets. ~60s exposure.
#59/100. ~50s exposure.
Drury lobby triple exposure. ~23s + ~20s + ~20s exposures.
Drury hallway. Sadly, the ghost Jesse isn't really visible in this one. On the up side, I'd like to thank the careless gentleman who kicked over my camera and gave me that delightful swirl of lights. ~50s exposure.
“Great - snacks!” I'm not really sure why, it just kind of called to me. ~64s exposure.
Toy Art car. Assorted junk glued to the hood of a car. ~45s exposure.
Snacks! (again) ~72s exposure.