Jesse's Writing

I find that writing is often a fantastic outlet for creative energies. Just squirt those creative juices on the page, assimilate them into any words that happen to be there, and smear them around until the whole mess forms something of the proper mood. Usually, my writing is rather silly, and hopefully funny.


Wild Imagination - Pilot episode of a series about natural curiosities.

SUPERHEROES! - Everyone likes superheroes!


Ode to a Plastic Spoon I Found Lying by the Computer - If you don't find this amusing, I hate you.

Three-dimensional - A poem about spatial relationships we take for granted.

Haiku - You know you want some / Yes, everyone likes haiku / Give yourself over.


Surreal: Images and Dreams in the Wake of Mental Exertion - Not quite real, but not quite fiction.


See also my Exquisite Corpse pages.

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