Squeak Goodies

Find here some selected goodies I wrote for Squeak Smalltalk (3.4).

SendTreeExplorer Version 1alpha, 2003-03-07.

Provides new tools SendTreeExplorer and MessageSendTree. Like MessageTally, MessageSendTree traces the execution of a block in simulation. There are three key differences:

  1. Rather than tallying the number of times each method is called in a given context, MessageSendTree traces and returns the exact tree of the sends made, in send order.
  2. MessageSendTree is designed to work with a SendTreeExplorer which presents the results in a hierarchical list view rather than flattened to a text pane.
  3. MessageSendTree allows all sends above a given method to be ignored, so that such a method can be conveniently traced without the bother of wading through a long send chain to get there.

EventInterceptorMorph Version 1alpha, 2003-03-07. Requires SendTreeExplorer.

EventInterceptorMorph is a button which, when pressed, begins listening to the hand's event stream. When an even of the appropriate type is encountered, this morph intercepts it and traces the dispatch of the event using MessageSendTree, and opens a SendTreeExplorer on the results. This is useful for debugging parts of the UI process which are otherwise difficult to trace.

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