Martian DropCheckers

by Jesse Welton

Martian DropCheckers is a variant of Martian Checkers. It is played in exactly the same way, with the following exceptions:

When a player jumps his or her own pieces, they are immeidately removed from the board, like enemy pieces. They are not, however, permanently removed from play as are captured enemy pieces. Instead, they form a player's drop stash.

Players have an additional turn option. Instead of moving a piece on the board, a player may drop a piece from his or her drop stash onto any empty space on the board.

At the end of the game, the point value of the pieces on a player's drop stash is subtracted from that player's score for captured pieces. This means that although stashed pieces are safe from capture, leaving them there is dangerous in case of a sudden end to the game.

Note: Pieces in a player's drop stash are not considered to be on the board. This means that the game will end when all of one player's pieces have been removed from the board, even if that player still has pieces in his or her drop stash.