Evil Paul: Zone of Reviews

2000-07-14 (Thanks to David.)

"This is the finest...online site for "Evil Paul" afficionados- BAR NONE. This guy gives it at least 2 enthusiastic thumbs up, and it would be simply irresponsible for anyone with any degree of self respect and an internet connection to go on metabolizing without first visiting this life affirming website. Mr. [Welton] is a man of formidable creative aptitude and he deserves to sweep the Pulitzers for the next 4 consecutive years and if you've already seen this page, you might as well blind [yourself] with an eggbeater because your eyes will never behold anything like this thing."

-Daniel Orweitz, Verbosity

"Evil Paul stuff is funny. I especially like it when he says -ow-."

-Julia Duodnum, Worse Homes and [Gardens]

"After seasons 6 and 7 of 'Benson', I thought that my life was complete. I now realize that there was a yawning gap in my existence. The name of that hole is "Evil Paul". My scalp itches."

- Marie Osmond, Hypochondriac Monthly