Evil Paul: Zone of Abuse

by Jesse Welton

Evil Episodes:

Evil News:

2005-09-22 All new Evil Paul! Evil Paul is back, in another all new evilicious adventure, Evil Paul vs. The Interlude! This one's big. Really big. Like, bigger than Evil Paul's ego. And it features a very special guest star, so don't miss it!

2004-08-13 All new Evil Paul! Evil Paul would like to wish a bappy hurtday to a special friend. To celebrate, here's Episode 6, the long-awaited finale to the Evil Paul vs. Schrödinger story line! Woooooooo!

2004-08-13 Evil Paul giveth with one fist, and taketh with the other. To prepare for fabulous new story lines, the Evil Paul concept art page on display since EP's online launch has finally been decommissioned. "Ha!" says Evil Paul. "Don't say you weren't warned, pacifistic noodges. I've been smacking Jesse to do this for the last year now."

2004-07-03 All new Evil Paul! Evil Paul episode 5: Evil Paul vs. Schrödinger part 4 is officially released to the public.

2003-12-16 All new Evil Paul! In what could be the beginnings of a glorious renaissance of evil, the Evil Paul site is updated with the first genuinely all new installment of Evil Paul in over 8 years, Evil Paul vs. Schrödinger part 3. Contains 100% new art and dialog. 0% recycled matter. Evil Paul is wasteful, and proud of it.

2003-08-13 Evil Paul smacks Jesse around a bit. "'Limited time only?!'" he says. "Ha! Let's see some action, you useless weakling." Jesse ignores him, not wanting to encourage a faceless bully.

2000-12-07 Evil Paul moves to a new home, probably out in the suburbs somewhere. Due to weak promotion and a total lack of advertising, Evil Paul fans worldwide flock by the zeroes to see the shiny new site.

2000-07-14 New Evil Paul site gets rave reviews! See what people are saying. (Thanks to David.)

2000-07-11 For a limited time only, elite fans exploring the preview site enjoy an exclusive sneak-peak at Jesse's highly preliminary sketches of eagerly-awaited future characters. [See it Here]

2000-07-11 Evil Paul goes online with Episodes 1 through 3, digitally remastered in a new, screen-friendly 8x6 format. The price of the now highly collectable 11x4 originals skyrockets. Evil Paul fans worldwide flock by the ones to see the shiny new preview site.

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